Blogger Tools

Bloggers WorkSpaces’ (BWS) slogan is “No BS Resources for Bloggers and Digital Nomads“, and we plan on providing these resources in many ways.

  • Online Training
  • In-person Training
  • eBooks
  • Tool List like this one
  • Live Webinars
  • FAQs
  • Blogs/Review Blogs
  • And on and on and on

One of the great services that is a value add for bloggers and digital nomads around the world is to provide recommendations of tools and other resources that we have either tired or use in our day to day business. So our motto in regards to recommendations is “we will not recommend any product unless we have tried it, love it and/or use it in our day to day business. So lets start our first tools page.

Email Marketing Providers:

CONSTANT CONTACT: Email Marketing Provider

Email is a very inexpensive way to market to your customers and your potential customers. Constant Contact allows you to have multiple mailing list so you can separate your current customers from potential customers, this allows you to provide different targeted messages to different groups of people.

Constant Contact has a plethora of features that can take your company from just average to superstar over night.

  • Email List Management
  • Email Champagnes with easy to use customizable templates
  • Automated welcome messages and drip feed champagnes
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • WordPress Form Plugin
  • Reporting and Tracking
  • And Much More
  • Get a 60 day FREE trial when you CLICK HERE and sign up.


BLOGGERS WORKSPACE: Domain Services and Managed WordPress Hosting

Without a good solid and fast hosting service provider you are not going to get anywhere with your blog site. There are many reasons that make a Hosting provider good.

  • Reliability – Five 9s reliability, which means they have an uptime of 99.999%. Five 9s is commonly refereed to as high availability services, with a downtime of less than 5.26 minutes per year.
  • Ease Of Use – There web interface or portal must be so easy even mom can use it.
  • Tech Support – Above all else if the tech support sucks so does their product. You could have the best technically correct hosting provider on the planet with the best service ever, but if their tech support sucks so does their product. In the industry we have a saying “you are only as good as your tech support”, which is an adaptation of “you are only as good as your weakest link”
  • Provide many other features such as Domain services, Managed WordPress, Server Rentals, Security Certificates, and many more features.
  • Speed – It does not matter how awesome your website is you will have very little traffic and a high bounce rate if your site speed is slow. Even a few fractions of a second can mean the difference is happy and sad customers.

Bloggers WorkSpace Hosting and Domain Services provides one of the best in class all inclusive hosting and domain services on the globe, and provides what we like to think of as the BEST tech support team ever. CLICK HERE to get started TODAY!!!

WordPress Themes


One of our favorite theme developers is Themeisle, because their themes are hands-down the best.

  • Fast – These themes are light weight and use all the latest standards of best practice coding to squeeze out every last drop of speed in ever theme they create.
  • Responsive – Every theme they build is responsive and adapts itself to any device it is being viewed on.
  • Customizable – All their themes have a free version that has many more features them most of their competitors, which does not suck. Many more features can be added by stepping up to their pro versions of their themes. Almost every aspect of their themes are customizable via GUI with little need for CSS coding.

If you are overwhelmed with the shear number of themes on the internet, and have not found one that gives you the flexibility of being customizable and having way more features then most of the competition then CHECK OUT Themeisle you will not be disappointed.

MYSTERY THEMES: WordPress Themes

Another great theme developer is Mystery Themes which has many very clean, sexy, and modern themes that are very customizable and ad-hear to all the latest standards of coding.

  • Highly Customizable – With dozens of options to customize even in the free versions you will be able to get the most out of their products, more so then other companies code.
  • Awesome Support – Top-notch theme support that is ready willing and able to help you.
  • Quality Code – Strickly follows WordPress Theme review guidelines and security standards.
  • Responsive Designs – All themes are fully fluid responsive.

CHECK OUT ALL Mystery Themes products today, you will not be disappointed.

Logos & Branding

48 HOURS LOGO: Logo Contest Provider

Affordable Logo Designs done fast. Start on online logo design contest for only $29 and receive logo concepts without hours. This is Paul from Bloggers WorkSpace preferred method of creating great logos for a very affordable price and fast.

  • Create an account
  • Sign-up to have a contest
  • Set the contest parameters such as prize money amount, number of days the contest will run, select industry based winning designs from the past to help the artist understand what you like
  • Communicate with artiest during and after to tweek their designs to meet your needs
  • Rank each design as they come in to help you narrow down the winner
  • Run polls so your family and friends can help you pick the winner
  • Receive a full package of artwork at the end once you pick the winner. This package includes the original art work as well as high res pics.

GO AHEAD CLICK HERE I dare you to click the link and go check out how AWESOME 48 Hours Logo really is, and see a full run through from start to finish of holding a logo contest in the Blog Builder Basics Course #2 if you would like to see this tool in action.