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The Blog Builders Basics (BBB) Course #2 This course is a follow along course to course #1. In this course you will take a tour of the WordPress Administration Console, and learn how to administer your WordPress Blog website like a pro. This course will leave you feeling confident that you can handle any administrative duty needed on your WordPress website.

This Blog Builder Basics series is truly a hands-on step-by-step experience that will take the student through the building of their very own WordPress Blog website. These step-by-step videos are so easy to use and follow anyone little to no previous experience will be up and running on the internet in no time.

Blog Builder Basics Course 1 is the prerequisite for part 2, 3, 4, and 5. You must finish part 1 before you can do any of the other four parts of this course.

Course Overview:

Blog Builder Basics | Course 2 is a follow along course to BBB- 1 and picks up where we left off in course 1. In part two of this course you will continue where you left off and start learning to administer your WordPress website. We will add users, setup general settings, changes themes, add pages, and setup menus, and much more.

What you will learn:

  • Administering User Comments
  • WordPress Administrator Tour
  • Add users
  • Edit Users
  • User Password Changes
  • Changing default URL creation format
  • User Roles
  • Branding and Logo Creation
  • Adding Logo to WordPress Website
  • Changing to the Themeisle Jinsy Theme for new site look
  • Removing extra themes as part of site security
  • Configuration of new Jinsy theme
  • Contact forms
  • Adding about page with menu button
  • Working with Side Bars
  • Adding Newsletter subscription forms & connecting to Constant Contact
  • Creating forms with WPForms
  • Adding Contact Us page with menu button
  • Adding Team section to home page with individual pages for each team member
  • And much much more

How To Use The Courses:

  • Purchase the courses one at a time or save money and buy all five as a bundle
  • Login to the website, which will open to your “My Profile” page.
  • Click on your first course in the “My Profile” page to go to the course
  • Scroll to the bottom of the course page to the course outline
  • Click on the first lesson
  • Read the content on the lesson page and watch the video
  • If the lesson has a video you can not mark that lesson complete till you watch the video to the VERY END and the video stops. At the end of the video you will automatically be taken to the next lesson
  • For lessons that have no video just click the “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of the page when you are done reading the content on the page, to move on to the next lesson.
  • From the course page you can go back and re-watch any video by click on that lesson from the course page.
  • MOST IMPORTANT STEP: While you are watching the videos you are suppose to be following along and doing the steps I do so by the time the video is done you have completed all the same tasks I have done (except they will be for your blog site instead of mine – but you knew that).
  • Stop and Start as well as rewind and re-watch the videos as often as needed to make sure you follow my steps.
  • Please do not skip any steps unless I specifically tell you in the video you can skip the step. Each lesson and course builds on top of past lessons and courses. For example you can not install a WordPress theme if you have not purchased your Managed WordPress Hosting yet (chicken and egg thing). The lessons and courses are in a specific order and should be followed in the order presented in the course.
  • FINAL STEP: Kick-Back, Relax, Follow the steps in the video and enjoy the experience because this is the first step to bringing your dream of being a part of the blogosphere to life (“It’s Aliveeeeeeeee”).


These courses are built so they can be step-by-step so you can just follow along. If you stray from the path and do something different then what we have done in the course your website will not follow along with our course. So if you install a different theme, or buy your hosting and domain from a different vendor or step off the “yellow brick road” in any way it will be difficult to impossible to follow along.

Please follow the course exactly as we present it so your site looks just like our example site. We promise that once you finish the course you will have enough knowledge to customize your site to look like and function like you want it to.

Five Course Outline:

There are five parts to the Blog Builder Basics course. Each course builds on the previous course so when you are done building your web site in part 1 you will move onto part 2, then 3, and 4 and 5 continuing to build on what you did in the previous course. Each course will add to your website and your knowledge.

  • Course1: Building the Initial WordPress Blog Site, including Hosting and Domain Registration.
  • Course 2: Administering WordPress including changing your sites WordPress theme.
  • Course 3: Adding site functionality and security with WordPress Plugins
  • Course 4: Tactics on blogging and growing your fandom
  • Course 5: SEO Basics


You will receive a certificate of completion when you have finished all five parts of the Blog Builder Basics course, and each course evaluation.

Extra Cost:

DISCLAIMER: There are extra fees over and above the price you paid for the course, you will need to purchase the following to build your blog web-site. Most third party companies that we use for the following service we are an affiliate of, and get small commissions when you purchase via our directed links. We take great pride is researching our 3rd party vendors to make sure they are the best of the best in their industry, and we are not only affiliates of these companies, but BWS is also their customer (we use the products we recommend).

  • Domain: $16.99/year (Course 1 – mandatory)
  • Hosting: ~$96.00/year (Course 1 – mandatory)
  • Domain Email Service: ~$29/year (Course 1 – optional)
  • Constant Contact Email Management: ~$204/year (Course 2 – optional)
  • 48 Hours Logo: ~$129/one time fee (Course 2 – optional)
  • Course #3 no extra cost for free versions of plugins, but premium versions of the plugins do exist and add more features to each plugin (optional plugin upgrades).

Course Links:

Hosting | Domains | Email Services

Branding & Logos



Email Management: