eBook Basics Course #1

Creating, Monetizing, & Distributing eBooks

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eBook Basics Course #1: Creating, Monetizing, and Distributing eBooks Is an amazingly easy to use and follow on-line course on how to create an eBook from scratch that will be enticing and engaging for your site visitors.

Some of the reasons we write eBoods is to build credibility that we are a subject matter expert in our subject, and to attract new visitors to our websites. And in many cases our eBooks are given away for free in exchange for our visitors email address.

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Step-By-Step Hand-On Training

We will hold your hand and walk you through the entire process step-by-step. Our motto “so easy even your mom could do it”.

On-Line & In Person Training

when you buy our on-line version of the class, you can start taking the course as soon as you enroll, and take the training at your own pace and on your own time. Full video control so you can stop and start as need, so you have time to build your site or ebook along with the video

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What You Will Learn

In this course you will learn how to create eBooks from scratch in Mictorsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Canva Graphics Studio. Once you are done you will learn some basic distribution techniques.

YOU DO NOT need to be a grapic expert to create an eBook or take this course.

eBook Basics

Training So Easy Even Your Mom Can Do It

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I have taken many of Mr. Stryer’s Cisco based courses both on-line and in person and he truly has a gift of making the complex very simple to understand. I’m looking forward to taking this course based on my past experience with Mr. Stryer teaching style, and the fact that I’m in need of building a blog site and eBooks of my own.

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