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  • Blog Builder Basics

    Blog Builder Basics Part 1: Initial Site Build

    The Blog Builders Basics is truly a hands-on step-by-step experience that will allow the student to be up and on the internet with their own blog website in a very short amount of time (on average 2 hours).

  • Blog Builder Basics

    Blog Builder Basics Part 2: WordPress Administration

    In Blog Builder Basics part 2 you will continue where you left off in part 1 and start learning to administer your WordPress website. We will add users, setup general settings, also in this course you will setup an email account so you have email coming to your domain name instead of a service such as gmail.

  • Blog Builder Basics

    Blog Builder Basics Part 3: WordPress Plugins

    This is a follow along course to course 1 & 2. This course will walk you through adding features and utilities to your WordPress blog site by installing and configuring many very useful WordPress Plugins. By the time you are done with this course you will feel confident enough to be able to find, pick, install and configure other very …

  • eBook Basics

    eBook Basics Course #1: Creating, Monetizing, & Distributing eBooks

    eBook Basics Course #1: Creating, Monetizing, and Distributing eBooks Is an amazingly easy to use and follow on-line course on how to create an eBook from scratch that will be enticing and engaging for your site visitors.

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    The Ultimate eBook Bundle

    The Ultimate eBook Bundle is a collection of customizable ebook covers and ebook templates that save you hours of time coming up with your own ebook designs. Most entrepreneurs that have internet based businesses are not graphic designers, but need visually appealing designs to put their valuable content into. The good news is that the daunting task of designing your …